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Open toe foot and the Case of the Secret Garden

Thanks to CotSG, I’ve actually tried some hybrid piecing, though on the hunters star first. I love the idea of being able to use both machine and hand piecing, BUT I have a preference for hand sewing. I love its precision and portability. I like watching TV while sewing quietly. On the other hand (haha!), machine piecing can be very quick.
I’ve machine pieced on my old Bernina before, but using rotary cut pieces, so no lines to watch, just edges. With Inklingo, I don’t have to be so exact with my cutting, but it means that I can’t rely on the edges while sewing on the machine. I blamed the machine for my mismatched lines and borrowed my friend’s Pfaff (it has the walking foot feature). I also bought an open-toed foot so that I could see the sewing line. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a way to pin the fabric so that the bottom doesn’t move. Is this normal?



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