So I have another post in drafts about the Hunter’s Star quilt, but I just got a new thimble and I’m very excited about it! I bought it from Liu Xin, the self-styled thimble lady and it is so cool!


Some interesting things to note. The thimble still had crud on the inside (probably the material used to grind it smooth), but some rubbing with a scrap of paper has removed most it and the surface is lovely and smooth. I like that the shape is slightly oval so that it doesn’t spin on the finger.

The only fly in the pudding is that it is quite snug on my middle finger which is the one I usually use the thimble on. It fits my ring finger beautifully and is a little less snug on my pointer finger. I am debating whether I should exchange it for a larger size. I’m going to try it out first tonight and see.