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Indigo Star Quilt Revisited

So about a decade ago, I ordered this kit from Alabama Chanin. It is still unfinished and to distract myself from starting new projects, I'm looking at it again. The original design was allover Le Moyne stars, but I've departed from that idea before. I reopened my EQ file and I've settled on this design.… Continue reading Indigo Star Quilt Revisited

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Indigo Star Variations

Yeah. Because it's not enough to make the blanket according to the original instructions. And actually, because I opted to use Inklingo to create the shapes, it's already different and adding a few more of my own choices make the blanket truly my own. Right? Right!So I recreated the original pattern in EQ7 so I… Continue reading Indigo Star Variations

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I’m still here!

Work has been keeping me busy and exhausted! But that didn't stop me from translating this image from a Quiltmaker email into an Inklingo-able quilt! The block measures 16" because the orange peel collection contains a 4" unit, making the center block 8". The 4" HST is available in the 12" Storm At Sea collection… Continue reading I’m still here!

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One project down, two to start!

My projects keep multiplying but my free time seems to be halving. Gah! So this skirt is finally done! It basically took a year from receiving it. The facets pattern is great, but there are a lot of shapes to sew around and cut out. My next Alabama project will be to attempt airbrushing and… Continue reading One project down, two to start!

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Storm At Sea considerations

So here is yet ANOTHER quilt that is in the design process. I know the following things: Storm at sea and the colors red and black. I'm assuming a few other things like that it should be queen size to suit my sister's bed and that grey will be acceptable. However, a two-tone quilt could… Continue reading Storm At Sea considerations

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Would a Double Wedding Ring quilt be weird for a baby quilt?

The Hunters Star baby quilt is washed and drying on the rack. I'll take some photos of it tomorrow. In the meantime, my thoughts have turned to the next baby quilt for another friend. After browsing quilts on Pinterest and the internet, I decided to grab the EQ7 file that Linda has thoughtfully provided. The above… Continue reading Would a Double Wedding Ring quilt be weird for a baby quilt?