Liesl + Co neighborhood sweatshirt sew-a-long

I’ve bought so many patterns but have so many projects in some form of progress, that when Liesl mentioned the sew-a-long, I thought, yes, let’s bump that up the list.

I had some cheap offcuts that I bought at Spotlight ages ago that I thought would be perfect for a light sweatshirt. It’s a lightweight knit that is definitely not cotton. I determined this by setting the iron to cotton and tried to press a scrap. While it didn’t melt, it definitely didn’t press.

As I cut out the pieces, I discovered that I didn’t have enough to cut the lower sleeves in grey, so I created a stripe and cut the rest of the sleeve in blue. I’m happy with this as I actually wanted a mostly blue sleeve.

I also had to piece the hem band. I really screwed this one up and cut it with the grain instead of across. But because it’s not a tight fit, I decided to add it anyway to finish it off.

I sewed all the seams and edge stitching with a zigzag stitch.

And so here we are, a completed sweatshirt that I think fits well!

Front view
Sleeve detail
Back view
Everything looks neater with felled seams.

Liesl and Co. Maritime knit top

I finally squeezed in the time to make this shirt. As I learned with the Oliver + S Secret Agent Coat, the instructions were excellent and I didn’t have to unpick any seams. One thing that wasn’t clear, but only because my experience with sewing knits is minimal, was whether I should be sewing with a stretch stitch or straight stitch. Of course, if I had read the instructions all the way through before starting, I would have seen that stretch stitch is specified when required. Sigh. So I have stretch stitches where I didn’t need them, but that’s not a disaster on my first try. 

I had intended to reverse these colours, but I underestimated my yardage. The short sleeves are fine, but I think the three-quarter sleeves will be more flattering. I also did my first full bust adjustment and while I think the dart is a little low, I think it worked out over all. 
I’ll definitely make more when I can squeeze some more time out!