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Clamshell Pillow

I signed up for the Curves class by Rachel through her Stitched in Color blog and the Clamshell Pillow is one of the many projects in the class. I haven’t had time to do anywhere near all of them, but I was determined to do at least this pillow! And definitely the Scallop Quilt.

Anyway, I already had a pillow insert but it’s 65 x 65cm, not the size in her pattern, so I used EQ7 to test the pattern on a larger pillow. I used the clamshell template as provided and increased the number to fill almost half the area of the pillow.

I tried out a few color configurations.

(null)And ultimately decided on the bottom one. Looking at them together, the first doesn’t look a lot different from the last!

wpid-FP_150209__MG_9815.jpgFirst row sewn, second row glued down. So much easier than pins!

wpid-FP_150209__MG_9817.jpgClose-up of the gluing.wpid-FP_150210__MG_9818.jpgAll rows sewn down! Very happy with the result. And the zips arrived in the mail the day before, so no excuses attempting the finish!wpid-FP_150211__MG_9819.jpgThe finished piece!wpid-FP_150211__MG_9820.jpgNot quite invisible, but good enough for first attempt!wpid-FP_150211__MG_9821.jpgAnd another close-up for good measure.

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