The Binding: penultimate step complete

20131021-092527.jpg Confession: I suffer from over-confidence which means that even when I’ve done it before, I’ll make mistakes. Annoying mistakes that waste time and materials. Thinking that I’ve learned my lesson enough times, I played it safe with making the binding by not trying to do the endless loop method. I like the idea, but I screw it up too often to make it as efficient as it should be. That went fine. I sewed and ironed and then started sewing the binding to the quilt. All was well, I was getting excited. When I got close to the other end, I did my backstitches and followed what I remembered from this lumpless binding tutorial. Except I got it wrong. Of course. I’m guessing most of you won’t have to imagine my dismay upon discovering, AFTER cutting the seam allowance, that I had sewn the last bit incorrectly. Instead of putting the ends at 90 degrees to each other, I lined them up square and then sewed on the 45 degree angle. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I had to sew more binding on, unstitch a ways to give myself room after cutting off the incorrect angle and then do it correctly. I’ve excluded the fact that it took a good 10 minutes of puzzling to figure out where I went wrong.

But I fixed it and the hard part is done. Now to hand-stitch the rest of the binding down!

2 thoughts on “The Binding: penultimate step complete

  1. Haha, yeah, I need to add a reminder for myself to make sure the ends are at right angles to each other first.

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