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EQ7 Inklingo Quilting

Clamshell quilt

I’m planning two quilts for my boy. A clamshell and a compass star quilt. I’ve made a start on the clamshell because it will be a smaller “baby” quilt even though he is more kid than toddler these days.

I started off with this print that I bought last year and added some homespun colours.

Then, with his obvious attraction to Spider-man, I added a couple of those fabrics plus a red to unify the look. I didn’t take a photo of the fabric choices, but I did take one of my final layout after printing and cutting out all the shapes.

My Electric Quilt layout test:

All the shapes cut after printing on fabric with Inklingo:

My final layout:

Inklingo Quilting

Quilting complete!

My October deadline is looming, but I put my head down and got the quilting done! And the binding made and machine-sewn on! You can still see the blue lines I drew for the inner circles of quilting. Can’t find my spray bottle, so I’ll soak it in cold water after I sew down the binding to the other side. I decided to use the fabrics from the top to make a scrappy-ish binding instead of the backing fabric. 


Long overdue update!

I’m in the middle of quilting my applecore baby quilt and it is coming along nicely. I decided to echo quilt in one direction which is great because I don’t have to mark it!
Hopefully, I’ll be done with the quilting in the next couple of weeks and onto the task of binding!

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