The Binding: penultimate step complete

20131021-092527.jpg Confession: I suffer from over-confidence which means that even when I’ve done it before, I’ll make mistakes. Annoying mistakes that waste time and materials. Thinking that I’ve learned my lesson enough times, I played it safe with making the binding by not trying to do the endless loop method. I like the idea, but I screw it up too often to make it as efficient as it should be. That went fine. I sewed and ironed and then started sewing the binding to the quilt. All was well, I was getting excited. When I got close to the other end, I did my backstitches and followed what I remembered from this lumpless binding tutorial. Except I got it wrong. Of course. I’m guessing most of you won’t have to imagine my dismay upon discovering, AFTER cutting the seam allowance, that I had sewn the last bit incorrectly. Instead of putting the ends at 90 degrees to each other, I lined them up square and then sewed on the 45 degree angle. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I had to sew more binding on, unstitch a ways to give myself room after cutting off the incorrect angle and then do it correctly. I’ve excluded the fact that it took a good 10 minutes of puzzling to figure out where I went wrong.

But I fixed it and the hard part is done. Now to hand-stitch the rest of the binding down!

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Getting to the end: The Binding

I am about 2 hours from finishing the quilting on this which means that I now have to think about the binding. I didn’t have anything planned, so I went through my stash and picked out the above fabrics. I think I’m going to go with the purple. It feels more aligned with the colors in the quilt.
I’m excited to complete another quilt and can move onto the next one!

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Another baby quilt

Once again, an announcement has sent me rushing back to my ideas notebook on Evernote and old quilting magazines to find a lovely genderless baby quilt design that also reflects the personality of the future parents.

I know I want to use Inklingo because a lot of the piecing will be done on my commute. There are so many ways to go with this quilt. The mother is a long and dear friend from junior high and I want this to be extra special.

Here are the notes I have so far. I am still undecided on design and fabric. I’ve looked at so many online fabric bundles, too. I’ve considered a Hawaiian appliqué quilt, Hawaiian fabrics (she lives in Hawaii, did you guess?) and looked through the Inklingo shopping book.

I find exploring ideas on paper helps bring some focus and reminds me of other trains of thought. I’m still not sure about anything, but at least I have until April to get it done!

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More EQ7 and Inklingo

zigzag quiltFat Quarter Shop had this pattern in their latest email and it inspired me to create the above. It uses a 4.5″ HST from the 12″ Hunters Star collection and 4.5″ sashing. The border consists of equilateral triangles and 60 degree diamonds, but I’m not sure of their measurement at this time. It can easily be made without the border though.

Edit: Looking at the Storm at Sea 12″ collection, it seems like the border could easily be made using a 4″ border!

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Hunter’s Star Update

I started this post a month ago! Finally got the pictures I wanted into the post and now it’s published.

The last time I posted about this quilt, I was having trouble with the layout. Thanks to some really helpful suggestions, I removed the two palest blocks and replaced them with brighter blocks. Here are the fabrics, post-Inklingo.

The above is the final layout after a solid hour of arranging and re-arranging them on the floor. And here is the pieced top!

Completed Hunters Star Top

Then I had to make the backing. It definitely would have been easier just to use plain cotton muslin as I used to do, but since I pieced the backing for the last quilt, I’ve been quite enamoured with the idea. Plus, it uses up a lot of scrap! Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of the back after it was pieced, so I’ll have to post it up when I’m finished with the quilt. I’m not terribly happy with it, but it does look scrappy. After watching a significant portion of the lesson on Craftsy, I now know how I could have planned the back better.

The little tyke is now in the world, so I’d better get this done pronto!


Brand New Thimble!

So I have another post in drafts about the Hunter’s Star quilt, but I just got a new thimble and I’m very excited about it! I bought it from Liu Xin, the self-styled thimble lady and it is so cool!


Some interesting things to note. The thimble still had crud on the inside (probably the material used to grind it smooth), but some rubbing with a scrap of paper has removed most it and the surface is lovely and smooth. I like that the shape is slightly oval so that it doesn’t spin on the finger.

The only fly in the pudding is that it is quite snug on my middle finger which is the one I usually use the thimble on. It fits my ring finger beautifully and is a little less snug on my pointer finger. I am debating whether I should exchange it for a larger size. I’m going to try it out first tonight and see.

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Open toe foot and the Case of the Secret Garden

Thanks to CotSG, I’ve actually tried some hybrid piecing, though on the hunters star first. I love the idea of being able to use both machine and hand piecing, BUT I have a preference for hand sewing. I love its precision and portability. I like watching TV while sewing quietly. On the other hand (haha!), machine piecing can be very quick.
I’ve machine pieced on my old Bernina before, but using rotary cut pieces, so no lines to watch, just edges. With Inklingo, I don’t have to be so exact with my cutting, but it means that I can’t rely on the edges while sewing on the machine. I blamed the machine for my mismatched lines and borrowed my friend’s Pfaff (it has the walking foot feature). I also bought an open-toed foot so that I could see the sewing line. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a way to pin the fabric so that the bottom doesn’t move. Is this normal?



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Meanwhile, back at the Alabama Chanin ranch

I’m considering the replacement of the two lightest blocks with brighter colors. 20130528-085126.jpg
If you look closely, you’ll see I’ve inserted two candidates from my stash. Unfortunately, I have to go to work, so I’ll have to make my decision and do my printing when I get home tonight.
In the meantime, my commute is all about the Alabama Chanin swing skirt I started months ago.
This is the second panel out of four. At this rate, I figure I’ll have it done by the end of the year. Eh.