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Alabama Chanin DIY Swing Skirt is finished!

But it’s late and I want to take a decent picture of it.

In the meantime, I’m still busily quilting away on the red and white quilt. I really love this part and I find it hard to stop for the night and go to bed. Unless my fingers are sore like this:

It might be hard to see, but my thumb and first finger are cracked and aching from all the needle pricks received under the quilt. I’ve been spending the last few days looking for alternatives to using my fingers to turn the needle or at least feel that the needle has gone through all three layers. I’ve read about Aunt Becky and the TJ Spoon, tried the technique with a normal spoon, but keep going back to my old ways. I looked at the thimble lady’s video and folding the fabric more, and it’s better than it was, but I’m still damaging my fingers some.
Anyway, it feels like I’m making good progress with the quilting, though I suspect if I were to spread it out fully, it will still be less than 25%. Just gotta keep plodding on.

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Planning Winding Ways

WindingWays7x7So I decided to add an extra row in each direction to bring the quilt up to 63″ x 63″ in size. This makes it a nice throw and allows the quilt to be useful beyond the crib. I am really enjoying the look of this design and I think I’ll buy fabric as close to this as possible, so that will be four fabrics each in purples and creams.
I didn’t have the cheat sheet with me, so I made up a temp version.

Based on my calculations, a yard of each color will cover the requirements nicely.

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Winding Ways

WindingWaysI have decided! This is the next baby quilt I’ll be making. Isn’t it adorable!? I’ll be going shopping for fabrics tomorrow. I looked at all the sales in the US, but once you add shipping, the costs just blow way out. So, off to Spotlight I go.

Also, I finished cutting the last panel of the Alabama Chanin skirt! Next step will be sewing it together into an actual skirt! Woohoo!


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Storm At Sea considerations

stormatsea-3fabricsSo here is yet ANOTHER quilt that is in the design process. I know the following things: Storm at sea and the colors red and black. I’m assuming a few other things like that it should be queen size to suit my sister’s bed and that grey will be acceptable. However, a two-tone quilt could work, too. Let’s see…

stormatsea-2fabricsIt’s very dramatic. I prefer a scrappy quilt myself, but I do like the simple and bold quilts, too. This design uses the 9″ Storm At Sea Inkling collection.




Basting done! Quilting started!

Finally got to the quilting and what a relief it was! I’m quite excited by the idea of using this gorgeous red thread for quilting instead of my usual cream-colored Gutermann thread. I bought a King Tut cranberry red. It is variegated and the color is rich.
My only issue now is having this enormous quilt in my lap during the summer months. I know I’m not going to get this done in two weeks and even Christmas is a pipe dream, but I’m going to TRY.


No, definitely not going to make it in time

I’m just about to reach the halfway mark and it took the whole weekend to get that far. And that’s just the basting. I estimate that it takes at least 4 times as long to quilt than to baste and I’m pretty sure that’s a conservative estimate. I’m aiming for Christmas as my deadline now but even that is extraordinarily optimistic.
I also finally know the sex of the new baby! Time to start looking for girly fabrics! And decide on the design. And stay focused on the wedding quilt. Shhh…


Irish Chain Variation

I started this quilt ages ago. Years. In fact, according to this photo, I was still piecing it in April 22, 2007! I’ve dragged it out and ironed it flat. It is now going to be a wedding gift for a good friend. I’m looking forward to quilting it though I’m still undecided how I’m going to quilt it. So much blank space to fill…

I like the idea of transforming this UFO into a gift.

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Would a Double Wedding Ring quilt be weird for a baby quilt?

Baby-DWRThe Hunters Star baby quilt is washed and drying on the rack. I’ll take some photos of it tomorrow. In the meantime, my thoughts have turned to the next baby quilt for another friend. After browsing quilts on Pinterest and the internet, I decided to grab the EQ7 file that Linda has thoughtfully provided. The above quilt measures 50″x50″ using the Inklingo collection and including the border. If the quilt were to end with the outer rings, I suppose it would measure 30″x30″.