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Spool Block travel pillow

I like to use a little pillow for lumbar support in the car. I don’t need it, but boy does my back feel better when i use it! But my current pillow is getting old, so I thought I would take the opportunity to replace it. I couldn’t find a pillow form of the same dimensions, but did eventually find a smaller pillow form that I think will work just fine. Of course, a pillowcase is required! After considering a few ideas, I decided on using the spool block (or x and plus block), because I also wanted to test a minor re-scale for another quilt which uses a similar block that finishes at 6 inches. Linda created her spool block at 7.5 inches which doesn’t quite fit in with the pattern but I’d really prefer to Inklingo it, if possible! (There is a lot of rescaling to achieve this to stay with the exact pattern, so I may just end up machine sewing according to the pattern instructions)

ANYway, I printed the shapes at 80% but they’ve sewn up to 6 inches unfinished, so my calculations were a little off. Good thing this was the test!

I splurged on some fat quarters:20140731-124533-45933683.jpg
Here are a couple completed blocks that I remembered to take a photo of:20140731-124532-45932765.jpg
20140731-124533-45933156.jpgAnd here is one side basted:wpid-FP_150113__MG_9787.jpgAnd here is the other side, waiting to be basted:wpid-FP_150113__MG_9788.jpgI’m looking forward to doing some quilting again!

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