I can see the light!

wpid-FP_140603_IMG_6335.jpgA little late, but here is a progress report. “Parenthesis” was the last word and the embroidery complete! Not being well-practiced at embroidery, I’d say that this effort has a lot of “character.” I’m really happy with the overall effect.wpid-FP_140604_IMG_6336.jpgSewing the binding on. No pictures of making the bias-binding because, after basting, it’s a step that always confounds me to some degree. And as I was stitching the other side on, I noticed that some of it isn’t actually on the bias. So, oops. I always seem to mess up the continuous binding method and will take this as a lesson to just cut on the bias and sew the strips together.wpid-FP_140604_IMG_6337.jpg
I decided to cut the excess after sewing on the binding. There are pros and cons to doing this, but it worked out in the end with no issues (like sewing the excess into the seam). But since it didn’t really add any safety into the process, the usual method of  cutting the excess and then sewing on the binding will be the way to go.wpid-FP_140604_IMG_6338.jpgAnd here it is, ready to have the other side hand-sewn down. I use a ladder stitch that is quite effective.wpid-FP_140616__MG_8154.jpgAs of last night, this is where the binding stands: almost complete! I’ve written the quilt details into the seam allowance and marked the start of it with a little red flower (just in case there is a need to prove the history of the quilt). I’m considering what I’d like to do for the quilt label. In the past, I’ve chickened out and not labelled the quilt, but I’ve made a few now and it’s past time to start! I scoured the net for ideas, browsed Pinterest boards and read through a bunch of tutorials. I think I’m going to create little leaf-shaped patches to applique into the quilted shapes and use the embroidery thread to stitch a border. Not sure about placement yet. The idea is still forming in my mind and I’ll probably sketch it out soon to solidify it.

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