Embroidery underside

wpid-FP_140528__MG_7917.jpgI promised a photo of the underside of the embroidery. I’m working on the third line, almost done! I am loving this font even though it has added so many swirls and flourishes, it’s taking AGES to finish. That, and I’ve been taking a bit of a break from working on this quilt to play video games. Hard to do both at the same time! If I could, I would!

wpid-FP_140528__MG_7919.jpgwpid-FP_140528__MG_7920.jpgHere are close-up of the embroidery and the quilting. I may not go back to white/cream quilting thread ever again!wpid-FP_140528__MG_7922.jpgAnd here is the underside of the a pictured above. It does look a bit behind-the-scenes, but I realised when I first started that it couldn’t be done any other way, sandwiched as it was and quilted.wpid-FP_140528__MG_7921.jpgIt works for me, though. Makes me think of a marker that’s drying out, fading in and out.

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