Transfer methods

So I need to transfer the poem extract to the quilt. I did some research and decided against using tulle, sewing through the paper, and various products conveniently available for sale and pricey. The carbon paper I have appears to have permanent properties, so I put that away. I decided that I was quite happy quilting through the wash-away pen, so however I transferred the design, I wanted to finish with the pen. This evening I tested out a few techniques. I tried the prick method but didn’t have any pounce, so I tried just stabbing through the holes I made with the wash-away pen. I had limited success with that. Then I tried the cheap carbon method where you take a pencil to the back of the design and then trace onto the fabric with a pen. I need a much softer pencil because that didn’t show up at all!
I found some old interfacing that used for a pattern to test with. I thought maybe the pen would go through as easily as tulle. Not the first time, but the third go over the same line proved moderately successful! Further experimentation proved that holding the pen in place for a second would allow enough ink to flow through the interfacing to the fabric beneath.
So this is my plan for transferring the text to the quilt:
1. Trace the words onto the interfacing.
2. Lay the interfacing on the quilt, maybe use some spray adhesive to keep it in place.
3. Dot the wash-away pen in 1cm intervals.
4. Remove the interfacing and connect the dots
5. Embroider!
I’ll hopefully be able to get all four sides marked up this weekend.

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