No, definitely not going to make it in time

I’m just about to reach the halfway mark and it took the whole weekend to get that far. And that’s just the basting. I estimate that it takes at least 4 times as long to quilt than to baste and I’m pretty sure that’s a conservative estimate. I’m aiming for Christmas as my deadline now but even that is extraordinarily optimistic.
I also finally know the sex of the new baby! Time to start looking for girly fabrics! And decide on the design. And stay focused on the wedding quilt. Shhh…

2 thoughts on “No, definitely not going to make it in time

  1. pin basting goes so much faster have you ever tried that – you put in a lot more basting than I ever do – pretty quilt.

  2. I’ve never really done pin basting. I’m using Sharon Schamber’s method of basting for hoopless hand quilting though I do use the q-snap frame. I probably didn’t need such tight basting but for such a large quilt, I wanted to be sure it was secure.

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