Once again, an announcement has sent me rushing back to my ideas notebook on Evernote and old quilting magazines to find a lovely genderless baby quilt design that also reflects the personality of the future parents.

I know I want to use Inklingo because a lot of the piecing will be done on my commute. There are so many ways to go with this quilt. The mother is a long and dear friend from junior high and I want this to be extra special.

Here are the notes I have so far. I am still undecided on design and fabric. I’ve looked at so many online fabric bundles, too. I’ve considered a Hawaiian appliqué quilt, Hawaiian fabrics (she lives in Hawaii, did you guess?) and looked through the Inklingo shopping book.

I find exploring ideas on paper helps bring some focus and reminds me of other trains of thought. I’m still not sure about anything, but at least I have until April to get it done!