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Indigo Star Quilt Revisited

So about a decade ago, I ordered this kit from Alabama Chanin. It is still unfinished and to distract myself from starting new projects, I’m looking at it again. The original design was allover Le Moyne stars, but I’ve departed from that idea before. I reopened my EQ file and I’ve settled on this design.

A computer-generated drawing of a quilt design of star blocks in shades of blue and grey on a cream background.
Indigo Carpenter Star Quilt

The more I look at this, the more I like it and I think it’ll be enough to get it finished. After finishing my Christmas makes. And after finishing the Storm At Sea. And maybe I’ll try and fit it in between all the other things..

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Clamshell quilt

I’m planning two quilts for my boy. A clamshell and a compass star quilt. I’ve made a start on the clamshell because it will be a smaller “baby” quilt even though he is more kid than toddler these days.

I started off with this print that I bought last year and added some homespun colours.

Then, with his obvious attraction to Spider-man, I added a couple of those fabrics plus a red to unify the look. I didn’t take a photo of the fabric choices, but I did take one of my final layout after printing and cutting out all the shapes.

My Electric Quilt layout test

All the shapes cut after printing on fabric with Inklingo

My final layout

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Indigo Star Variations

Yeah. Because it’s not enough to make the blanket according to the original instructions. And actually, because I opted to use Inklingo to create the shapes, it’s already different and adding a few more of my own choices make the blanket truly my own. Right? Right!So I recreated the original pattern in EQ7 so I could try a few tweaks. This uses the 6″ Le Moyne star collection and measures out to 62″ x 80″.

Ideas I had in mind included a medallion, like the carpenters Star, Waltzing Matilda star, or the Inklingo star. But the medallion looked too small at 12″, So I tried a 12″ block in each corner in addition to one in the center. 
Then it occurred to me to try reversing the colours so that the blocks were more obvious.

I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do!

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I should be making new clothes for myself (Liesl + Co is 25% off today!) or for the kid, or sorting my scraps, or finishing a quilt that was started for someone not in my life anymore. Should. But my sister has been waiting for her promised quilt for a decade now. So I’m prepping to print Storm at Sea using red and black fabrics for a scrappy look.

Something like this:stormatsea-queen-final

Mocked up in EQ7, this measures 83 x 92 inches, including a one inch and 3 inch border and using the 9″ Storm at Sea Inklingo collection.

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Clamshell Pillow

I signed up for the Curves class by Rachel through her Stitched in Color blog and the Clamshell Pillow is one of the many projects in the class. I haven’t had time to do anywhere near all of them, but I was determined to do at least this pillow! And definitely the Scallop Quilt.

Anyway, I already had a pillow insert but it’s 65 x 65cm, not the size in her pattern, so I used EQ7 to test the pattern on a larger pillow. I used the clamshell template as provided and increased the number to fill almost half the area of the pillow.

I tried out a few color configurations.

(null)And ultimately decided on the bottom one. Looking at them together, the first doesn’t look a lot different from the last!

wpid-FP_150209__MG_9815.jpgFirst row sewn, second row glued down. So much easier than pins!

wpid-FP_150209__MG_9817.jpgClose-up of the gluing.wpid-FP_150210__MG_9818.jpgAll rows sewn down! Very happy with the result. And the zips arrived in the mail the day before, so no excuses attempting the finish!wpid-FP_150211__MG_9819.jpgThe finished piece!wpid-FP_150211__MG_9820.jpgNot quite invisible, but good enough for first attempt!wpid-FP_150211__MG_9821.jpgAnd another close-up for good measure.

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I’m still here!

Work has been keeping me busy and exhausted! But that didn’t stop me from translating this image from a Quiltmaker email into an Inklingo-able quilt!Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 5.07.37 pmOrange Peel Star

The block measures 16″ because the orange peel collection contains a 4″ unit, making the center block 8″. The 4″ HST is available in the 12″ Storm At Sea collection and the centre triangle can be made by cutting 8.5″ rectangles and sewing the printed triangles to them. The sashing is 4×16″ finished with 4″ squares, which are found in the orange peel collections AND the 12″ Storm at Sea!

I’m making my through the embroidery on the Irish chain wedding quilt. Yes, the transfer method worked reasonably well, and look, here is a picture of my joining the dots!

I’m also making my way through the Winding Ways but progress on both have been seriously impacted by tiredness from busy, busy days at work.

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One project down, two to start!

DIY Swing Skirt

My projects keep multiplying but my free time seems to be halving. Gah!

So this skirt is finally done! It basically took a year from receiving it. The facets pattern is great, but there are a lot of shapes to sew around and cut out. My next Alabama project will be to attempt airbrushing and making another tank dress. I definitely need more of those!

Tanya's Storm at Sea Quilt DesignI got the go-ahead on this design, so now I’m busy working out fabric requirements and cost. At the moment, purchasing materials for this quilt will have to wait until next year, but she wants to go scrappy, so this will be fun!

As far as the Winding Ways baby quilt, I’m planning to buy fabric for that soon, though I’m considering ordering from overseas if I decide to go down the designer fabrics. They are more than twice the price in Australia, and shipping doesn’t really justify the jump!


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Planning Winding Ways

WindingWays7x7So I decided to add an extra row in each direction to bring the quilt up to 63″ x 63″ in size. This makes it a nice throw and allows the quilt to be useful beyond the crib. I am really enjoying the look of this design and I think I’ll buy fabric as close to this as possible, so that will be four fabrics each in purples and creams.
I didn’t have the cheat sheet with me, so I made up a temp version.

Based on my calculations, a yard of each color will cover the requirements nicely.

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Winding Ways

WindingWaysI have decided! This is the next baby quilt I’ll be making. Isn’t it adorable!? I’ll be going shopping for fabrics tomorrow. I looked at all the sales in the US, but once you add shipping, the costs just blow way out. So, off to Spotlight I go.

Also, I finished cutting the last panel of the Alabama Chanin skirt! Next step will be sewing it together into an actual skirt! Woohoo!


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Storm At Sea considerations

stormatsea-3fabricsSo here is yet ANOTHER quilt that is in the design process. I know the following things: Storm at sea and the colors red and black. I’m assuming a few other things like that it should be queen size to suit my sister’s bed and that grey will be acceptable. However, a two-tone quilt could work, too. Let’s see…

stormatsea-2fabricsIt’s very dramatic. I prefer a scrappy quilt myself, but I do like the simple and bold quilts, too. This design uses the 9″ Storm At Sea Inkling collection.



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Would a Double Wedding Ring quilt be weird for a baby quilt?

Baby-DWRThe Hunters Star baby quilt is washed and drying on the rack. I’ll take some photos of it tomorrow. In the meantime, my thoughts have turned to the next baby quilt for another friend. After browsing quilts on Pinterest and the internet, I decided to grab the EQ7 file that Linda has thoughtfully provided. The above quilt measures 50″x50″ using the Inklingo collection and including the border. If the quilt were to end with the outer rings, I suppose it would measure 30″x30″.